Make facility maintenance cost and time effective

Wowworks can make it happen!

We are a full service facility management company providing complete control of the whole maintenance process.
Our unique software based approach connects you to a nationwide network of 30,000 independent contractors, giving guaranteed quality service and savings of up to 40% as all job prices are agreed and fixed in advance.
How it works:
You create a task on the Wowworks website
Just choose the type of service and tell us what kind of job needs to be done, and where
A contractor, assigned by our software, is given the job and starts working on your task
A Wowworks supervisor fully controls the process of completing the task, monitors the quality and timing, including the purchase of all necessary materials and supplies
The contractor completes the job
The contractor provides a photo report and a certificate of completion, if required. You pay only for work done, not for time
We control quality and timing
Assessment and rating system
You assess the quality of the work done and the courtesy of the contractor on a 5-point scale. This evaluation forms the overall rating of the performer. A contractor whose rating is below 4 points is not allowed to carry out the job.
Each contractor undergoes training before starting to work for us. We introduce them to the service and rules of each particular job. In order to work with us all prospective contractors are tested and their certification verified.
Timing and deadlines
We strictly evaluate the punctuality of our contractors and follow the progress of the work - when the technician sets off, when they arrive at the site and when they finished the job.
Choose your preferred contractor
Work with only the best contractors who have proved themselves working for you.
You сontrol process and budget
We inform you about job progress at any convenient time in any convenient way - SMS, E-mail or messenger service.
Personal client manager
Your client manager will help you start working with the Wowworks service, as well as help you choose the optimal solution when planning your budget and special projects.
Supervisor for every task
A supervisor fully controls the process of completing the task, monitors the quality and the timing, including the purchase of all necessary materials and supplies. All you have to do is to confirm the supervisor’s and the contractor’s actions.
Statistics and reports
Detailed statistics allow you to monitor and optimize costs.
Clients’ comments about us
We have worked with WW for years, they are the best for all everyday operational tasks, they are attentive to feedback, and are growing quickly.
Alexander Avanesyan
Chief Engineer, Adidas Russia
With WW we carried out repairs of our stores, urgent repairs, maintenance of ventilation systems and work with electricians. Our partnership is actively developing and we recommend it to our colleagues.
Dmitry Kulikov
Chief Project Manager, Lacoste
WW performed work on video and computer repair. Everything is on time.
Sergey Golovan
CIO, Pandora Rus
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