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Who we are

Now is the ideal time to join Wowworks team on our journey, transitioning from being a pioneer in crowdsourcing to achieving fully automated facility management experience. Our ecosystem seamlessly connects various entities such as retail networks, e-commerce platforms, FM professionals and suppliers across Europe countries, ensuring 100% task execution. Join us in reimagining the digital future of facility maintenance with a team that boasts diverse skills, cultural backgrounds and interests.
We are developing a powerful facility management ecosystem, designed to enable efficient maintenance planning and task management. This system comprises a cloud-based service desk and our own repair and maintenance service. The Wowworks ecosystem is specifically tailored for streamlined operations and enhanced maintenance efficiency.
Wowworks technology is in the heart of all our services and systems, underpinning our internal processes. We make it our mission to reimagine and predict all FM processes, and to create the right technology to make fully automative facility maintenance possible.

How we work

At Wowworks, we work in small, vibrant teams. We promote openness and sharing of ideas. To achieve our goals, we mix together different functions, locations and management levels.
Wowworks is an IT and FM company with 100% in-house product development. We’re constantly scaling up, searching for and inventing new concepts and technologies.
Wowworks' success depends on everyone in our team. We are constantly learning and exchanging our ideas to sustain an environment for innovations and improvements.


  • Think complex
    Wowworks has evolved from an IT firm to a multifaceted FM ecosystem, aiming to integrate various aspects of the FM industry.
  • Trust your colleagues
    We value individuals who are creative, resilient, and astute, offering an environment where trust in decision-making, freedom for skill development, and growth opportunities are paramount.
  • Embrace diversity
    Wowworks brings together a mosaic of diverse talents and perspectives. This convergence amplifies our innovative capabilities in both technology and business realms.


Our unique strengths lie in our cultural diversity, drive for growth and passion for innovations. These values not only define our identity but also direct, focus, and energize our actions. We feel them in everything we do.
Customer focus
We always ask: are we delivering our promises to Wowworks customers? Are we creating better customer experience each day? We believe that our personal success comes from making the best decisions for the customers and partners.
We create unique technologies every day, with respect for market traditions and other competitors from FM industry. Our approach values simplicity and efficiency during scaling.


We concentrate on real priorities every day and keep our eyes always open. We also take responsibility for both our individual and collective successes and failures.
There is no "big boss". We prioritize face-to-face conversations and mentorship. Our hiring and promotion practices are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our company and customers.
You are always not alone. Magic happens in teams. We do our best to create and hold strong teams, followed by permanent feedback and support.
It’s natural to feel tired; everyone needs a break sometimes, especially in creative work. We believe in creating a balance between work and personal life, recognizing the importance of rest and rejuvenation.

Reimagine the digital future of facility maintenance

At Wowworks, we’re shaping the future of digital facility maintenance with grand ideas and impactful roles. We value growth, both personally and professionally, and encourage exploration, learning, and progress. Every position, from account manager to software engineer, plays a vital role in our success. Join us to make your mark and be part of our exciting journey.

People stories

Sergey Novak
Lead Front-End Developer
My journey with the company started a few years back when I first heard about it through my IT industry contacts. The opportunity for relocation to our German office in Düsseldorf came up, and I eagerly accepted it. It's been two years since my family and I moved here.

There are three main aspects of my job that stand out to me:
  • Challenging technical tasks: we're constantly working on projects that push us towards new challenges and demand innovative solutions.
  • Active mentorship in the team: in my role, I don't just lead projects; I also focus on helping my colleagues develop their skills, making our work environment both productive and inspiring.
  • Support at every level: the company fosters an environment where everyone feels supported, both by their peers and management.
Daniel Lindner
Business Development
Hi there, I'm Daniel from the sales department in Germany. I have to say, the optimism in our team is infectious. We're always tackling these complex and interesting challenges that really push me to think outside the box. What's great is the focus on continuous professional development – there's always something new to learn or a skill to sharpen. And the innovation here? It's just part of our everyday life, keeping us on our toes and ahead of the curve. Loving every bit of this journey!
Marie Weber
Support manager
I joined the company about two years ago, right after finishing my studies. The best part of my job in support is really feeling connected to what we do. I can see the impact of my work on the company's growth every day. It's amazing how our efforts are directly improving our services and products.

Another thing that's really cool is our international team. I work with people from Turkey, Poland, Germany, and other countries. We share experiences and learn from each other, not just about work but about our cultures too. It's more than just a job; it's a chance to connect and grow, both professionally and personally. We often hang out and chat beyond work hours, which just adds to the great team spirit we have here.

Our actual jobs

Düsseldorf, Germany (Office / Hybrid)
Düsseldorf, Germany (Office/Hybrid)
Düsseldorf, Germany (Hybrid/Remote)
Warsaw, Poland (Hybrid/Remote)
Warsaw, Poland (Hybrid/Remote)
Antalya, Turkey (Office/Hybrid)
Antalya, Turkey (Office/Hybrid)