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Transforming Service Excellence Across Europe

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our cutting-edge B2B2C-initiative in EU.

This groundbreaking effort empowers retail customers from furniture, electronics, DIY, logistics, and e-commerce sectors to access high-quality Facilities Maintenance services and installation support across entire countries. Our focus is on delivering swift, efficient, and impeccable assistance.

At Wowworks, we've created an integrated ecosystem that seamlessly merges cloud-based FREE Service desk solutions with on-demand Uber-like crowdsourcing services. With a network of over 40,000 skilled handymen across the EU, our platform is dedicated to redefining facility maintenance. From electrical work and plumbing to painting, CCTV setups, and computer repairs, our solutions are thoughtfully designed to optimize maintenance processes in terms of both cost and time efficiency.

Currently, our presence spans Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Poland.

After circa 10 years huge retail chains, pharmacies, fashion stores, mobile operators, banks are among our clients with more than 15,000 shops in the EU. In 2022 alone, we successfully completed 20,000 FM tasks, showcasing our unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

In addition to B2B, we excited to introduce our B2B2C services, tailored for esteemed companies and the valued customers they serve. With our Uber-like services we leverage our skilled craftsmen to transform the installation experience for your store customers.

- Guaranteed service delivery with a completion rate of 99%,

- Fully automated process,

- Fast roll-out.

Whether it's invigorating showers, illuminating fixtures, refreshing washbasins, simplifying appliances, or ensuring comfort with air conditioners – our platform ensures high-quality service, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

One standout feature of our approach is the adaptability of our crowdsourcing model, enabling us to quickly launch services in diverse European regions. Our Uber-like approach makes it possible to cover the whole country at once, including small towns and other secondary locations.

We're excited to collaborate with new companies in shaping a future defined by exceptional excellence and innovation.