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CO2 Reduction

Do your service partners still travel 100-300 km to your location? The environmental impact of daily actions is getting more important every day.
The environmental impact of our daily actions is more crucial than ever today.
Particularly in the field of Facility Management (FM) in the retail sector, there is significant potential to reduce CO2 emissions while improving efficiency. An innovative solution that plays a crucial role in this regard is Wowworks - an ecosystem for the service and maintenance of real estate properties and retail locations.

Why is reducing CO2 emissions in retail FM important?

The retail industry is one of the sectors that consumes a significant amount of energy and resources. A substantial portion of CO2 emissions in this industry stems from unnecessary travel by employees or service partners, often covering long distances to reach job sites. This not only leads to higher costs but also places a burden on the environment. Reducing these travels is crucial to minimizing the environmental impact of retail FM.

Wowworks — The solution for sustainable Facility Management

Wowworks aims to make IT and facility management tasks more efficient while reducing CO2 emissions. The Wowworks ecosystem functions similarly to Uber but is tailored for retail facility management. It connects retailers with a vast network of over 40,000 qualified craftsmen throughout the EU. What makes this platform unique is its ability to organize tasks so that they are carried out by craftsmen located in close proximity to the job site.

The advantages of Wowworks for retailers

  • Immediate response time: Wowworks enables a rapid response to urgent tasks, as craftsmen are available nearby.
  • Nationwide coverage: With an extensive network of craftsmen, Wowworks offers nationwide coverage for retailers.
  • Cost-efficiency: By utilizing local craftsmen, retailers can reduce expenses related to long-distance travel and travel time.
  • Automation: Wowworks allows for the automation of FM support, further enhancing efficiency.

Wowworks is committed to significantly reducing CO2 emissions in retail FM by deploying craftsmen near job sites. Statistics show that on average, Wowworks craftsmen are less than 10 km away from the locations. This approach not only benefits the environment but also proves cost-effective for both retailers and craftsmen.


Reducing CO2 emissions in retail Facility Management is a crucial environmental issue that should not be ignored. Wowworks offers an innovative solution by prioritizing local craftsmen and simultaneously streamlining FM processes. With Wowworks, retailers can save both money and time while actively contributing to reducing their ecological footprint. It's time to minimize the environmental impact of retail and work more cost-effectively - Wowworks makes it possible. 🙏